Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Minty Obsession

New Zealand finds new ways to surprise us every day. Let's take a sojourn to our local supermarket.

Succulent Lamb and Mint potato chips?

Minted peas?

Even Subway is in on the act.

Just who did ask for that Subway? I may be bold enough to brave Sylvia's green juice, but I haven't been brave enough yet to tackle the mint sensation sweeping this small nation. There are some things about New Zealand that I just don't get.


Lizzie G said...

Hmmm...maybe you'll bring a bag of those chips back to the States. Very interesting!!

Dani said...

Would love to, but "chips" don't come in bags... here in NZ "chips" are fries and "crisps" are chips. Its all very confusing. But I'll definitely try to export some lamb and mint crisps for you.

Kristen said...

mmmm. minty beef subway. yummmm.

Unfinished Dad said...

Don't worry, if you try the lamb sandwich at Subway you can always fall back on the squatting position we learned from your post on August 28th.