Thursday, October 1, 2009

Age-old problem solved?

How to stop habitual shower-peers. Build a bathroom so tiny that the entire thing is a shower. Thank you to the City Groove Hostel for unravelling this enigma with your clever space-saving bathroom. Yes, it may be a bit inconvenient if there are two people needing to shower/ potty at the same time. And yes, the toilet paper did get wet. But hey, I've never been able to sit on the pot and shower simultaneously. Have you? Not only space saving, but time saving too.


Lizzie G said...

Clever? Yes. Practical? Yes. But will it sell? Probably not. You'll have to find a way to market it to the masses. Maybe men's magazines instead of design and decorating?

Unfinished Dad said...

I solved this conundrum a long time ago by simply washing up in the toilet. Sorry.