Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's Thanksgiving. No turkey. No cranberry sauce. No mashed potatos. No pumpin pie. No Ohio cousins. No touch football. No heated games of charades or pong. I think Thanksgiving is my most homesick day.

But I'm done pouting. I am thankful...

that we have a place in NZ that we call home and that we were welcomed back to it yesterday with hugs and kisses... that we are healthy and strong... that we can grow and eat good food... that we are loved...

I miss you all terribly and hope that your Thanksgiving is joyous, whether you are eating tapas, turkey, or vegemite.

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Emily said...

i agree...thanksgiving is the most homesick time :(

Sarahnator said...

I like doing all the other stuff you said but i guess it is a little home sick

Lizzie G said... were missed terribly. So much so that there was no touch football this year!

Unfinished Dad said...

You were sorely missed. And somehow, for all the talk of football in Ohio, the Van Harts only had an old Nerf football that had dog poo on it. It was shameful and un-American.